On Friday night we got the team together started on breaking the idea to see what we needed to accomplish by our presentation on Sunday evening. We listed all the tasked we needed to finish and split them up by teams depending on our expertise. Then we finalized a plan for Saturday.

That night we decided that we needed to validate the problem in the quickly. So on Saturday morning some of us went out to interview people at the closest law school, the others interviewed people in the mall and the rest would be at 1776(our home base) to call lawyers.

Once we were able to validate our idea we got to work on the user journey of the solution we came up with. I was in charge of mapping that user journey to the screens of the app.


Here you can see me on the white board going over of the main user flow that we could show for the presentation. My first iteration was taking what was on the white board and translating that to low fidelity wireframes.

What I finished those I reviewed that with part of the team to make sure we were on the same page and that the story was being told in the right steps.


After 48 hours of working as a team paid off! We pitched our idea to VCs and our of 8 teams we won first place. The judging called out that they were impressed with what we were able to accomplish in such a short amount of time



After the Startup weekend we attempted to keep the project going but we were all in different states. For a couple of months me and another teammate were able to get a dev team on the project but they ended up taking job offers after they graduated.