I was able to me meet the people that I would potentially be working with.

THe Pitch

After pitching the idea of creating an app that would serve as a way to quickly find your items in the grocery store we got into a team.


As a team we planned out the key tasks we needed to accomplish for day two. Identifying or target audience and validating the problem.


DAy 2

User validation

We sent out a survey to see if an app that gave you the ability to list your groceries and then tell you . exactly where to find each item would be valuable to our target audience. We received over 200 responses to this survey with a majority of people stating that this is validated solution to the problem we were solving.


I created a prototype that we tested with people in a couple of local grocery stores and received an overwhelming response of people who said that they like the solution. We also were able to gain new idea for improving the experience.


To further validate the need for this service we interviewed customers in the grocery stores and met with two managers of a Kroger. We learned that grocery stores would like our service if they could upsell customers on other products because the goal of the store layout is to get customers to buy more items that they might not need.


After pitching to the group of VCs we won 2nd place! We didn’t win first place because the winning team claimed that they had made a small profit from one or two users. Everyone loved our service because most people had the problem of not knowing where certain items where in the supermarket.

Capital One