Under Armour, Inc. is an American company that manufactures footwear, sports and casual apparel. The company is now increasing its market presence in the Kids clothing space.



Under Armour realizes that parents are having a difficult time shopping for their kids. Boys and girls have different sizes and colors market it even more of hassle when you are looking for different items. 

How can we create a solution that will provide our users with a seamless experience when shopping online for their kids?



While I was able to be creative the solution had to stay on brand and not change the majority of the current navigation functionality.


Project Scope

  • Create a seamless experience for our users to shop for their kids

  • Learn how parents shop for their kids


  • Improve the shopping experience for parents shopping for their kids

  • Easy to use on brand top navigation that keeps users engaged



I designed a new menu that helps our parent users find cloths for their kids more efficiently. Creating a seamless experience for our user increased sales of kids clothing by 3%.



UX Designer | User Researcher | Interaction Designer | Visual Designer



User Interviews, User Journeys, User Stories, Sketching, Persona development, Wireframes, Competitive analysis, Prototyping and User Testing.



Pencil and paper, Sketch, Excel, Axure, Marvel



I conducted a competitive analysis of similar platforms and business who have a massive inventory such as Nike, Alibaba, Walmart, ect. I came to the conclusion that there wasn't a solution for the problem. What I need was a functionality that could handle a great about of items, the ability to quickly view and categorized sub categories such as various boys and girls sizing.


Who am I designing for?

Going into user research I made no assumptions in how parents shopped for their kids. We quickly discovered parents leaned towards looking for the sizes first then looking for the product. The various sizes of multiple children in one family didn’t correlate to the standard age groups.

A child could be bigger or smaller for their age group which made shopping difficult for the parents. We also discovered that some products we offered for boy were colors that girls were interested in as well and vice visa creating more difficulty with option selection and sizing.

This was my “ah ha” moment and thought about how I could create a solution that would mimic the behavior of the parent searching behavior.



Persona 1 Karen.png


We tested users that correlated with our personas with the current navigation.


User Testing (After)

After the design changes were made we interviewed the same parents.


User Flow

UA User flow.png


In developing a solution, my process was to explore and see if there was already a solution to the problem we faced. Under Armour has hundreds of various products so I checked other companies who had a comparable inventory size.


Sketching and wireframes

In developing a solution I began with low-fidelity sketches on paper to get an idea how to go about making changes to the current information architecture of the navigation.

sketch First take.png

I divided these sections of the menu into step 1/2 because we read from left to right these are the steps parents took to search for their kids clothing. First by the size then by type.

sketch Second take.png

I took the design a step further by placing indicators on the current part of the menu the user was on.

sketch Possible future.png

This is a sketch of a possible future design for the navigation to incorporate more call to actions and advertisements to increase sales.





This is the current state of the live Under Armour site.




Future Considerations

Right now for future considerations I would user test this to see if there is anything we might have missed. I have also taken the liberty to make some design updates. 

UA Top Nav Possible Future
  • Updated typography to for a clearer indicator between sizes on the left side of the menu

  • Added more CTAs to the bottom of the items to increase sales.

  • Increase the size of the entire menu to take up the full space because the current menu has already taken up more of the screens real-estate so I figured to maximize the utility of the space.